New School Year- New School STUFF

YOU guys! I am totally obsessing over The Artsy Apple's amazing font bundle!! I scooped the bundle up as soon as I saw her work. She is amazing. Check her out!
The Artsy Apple

After purchasing her incredible font bundle, I couldn't sleep! I NEEDED to channel my inner creative being. I made THESE! EEEP!! Now, I am going to go an print these babies off and continue conquering my classroom (which is taking way longer than anticipated). I can't wait for the final reveal--- COMING SOON! =)

Hundreds Day Fun!

Hundreds Day was an amazing day filled with learning activities and fun! It felt like I was working in a nursing home haha!  My kiddos dressed up as old 100 year olds! They brought in walkers and canes and played the part all day. I dressed up as a crazy old cat lady and matched one of my students.
Here's what the day included:
*Dressing up as 100 year olds (almost all students participated)
*Writing 100 words
*Writing 100 reasons why we love first grade
*100 item mystery bags with clues (we tried to figure out what was in the bags)
*Building a structure using 100 blocks
*Counting to 100 several different ways using Bingo dabbers and creating gum ball machines
*Counting and sorting snacks to make 100 day snack mix
*100 day crowns- adding 100 stickers
*100 chart number puzzles

The kiddos were split up into partners and they visited each station. SO much fun! It was one of my favorite days yet! <3


EEEP! I am obsessed with these adorable funtivities! The kiddos have LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the Three Little Pigs portion of our Fairy Tales unit! Today, we retold the story using our retelling puppets. Then we wrote a letter to the Big Bad Wolf. To finish up, students wrote a summary of the story and then completed the the piggy craft. We've had a lot of fun! I can't wait to introduce our new fairy tale tomorrow! Check back to see what fairy we will cover next!

Click the photo link at the bottom if you are interested in any of these activities!! <3


Fairy Tales, Freebies, Followers, oh and a little rant =)

Hi guys! So today I started brainstorming some ways as to how I could gain some more followers on my TpT store. I just feel like I've hit a wall or something. I've been feeling really defeated by the fact that I  put in so much time, energy, and love into my products and I am not seeing the turnaround that I would have thought would be happening. So, I decided to do a fun giveaway for the month of February!! Below is the advertisement I created to help promote my giveaway for February. Basically, all one has to do is follow me on Teachers Pay Teachers and at the end of February all my TpT followers will be sent a link via TpT messages. The link will allow my followers to enter the contest. One must be following me on TpT to receive the special link =)! Then, I will announce the winners through my social media platforms. I am excited to get some more followers and traffic to my store! I am hoping some of my fellow TpT friends will support me in this effort by sharing the advertisement I created!! (*wink, wink*)
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I've also been SUPER busy creating a fun fairy tales unit! We are learning about fairy tales in first grade, and what better way to teach fairy tales than to teach them with craftivities?!? YAY!! I can't wait to post photos of the kiddos completing these adorable little crafts and learning activities that go along with some of my favorite fairy tales! Check out the unit here:

Also, in the middle of what *might* seem like crazy times in our world, remember our kiddos are looking to US everyday as their role models. - please remember to be kind, calm, and composed. I know it's easy to be depressed, angry, grouchy, etc. STOP. We are teachers. We are everything and more to a lot of our students. Our kiddos have enough stuff to worry about, don't let them see you off your game. 
End of rant.
Love to you all.

It's GIVEAWAY time!!!

I've partnered up with Anne Rozell at Believe to Achieve to help her promote her new blog! I am excited to announce that we will be giving away a $75 TpT gift card!!! How exciting is that?!?! Head over to Believe to Achieve for your chance at winning this incredible prize! GOOD LUCK YA'LL!!!


Happy NEW School Year friends! As a gesture to all of you and all of my teacher buddies, I've made several of my teaching products FREE! This is for a limited time, so please gather your freebies SOON! I'd appreciate it if you left me feedback on your freebies, and also followed me on TpT if you aren't currently doing so. You won't want to miss out on future freebie giveaways! I will be doing new MONTHLY freebies!! The more feedback I get the more items I will make FREE! THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!! <3 <3

Click the photos to access your FREEBIES
Pumpkin Math Stations and Centers *FREEBIE*

Apple Place Value Card- FREEBIE*Classroom Decor & Management System- FREEBIE*

Fabulously Loving First

I've absolutely loved getting to know my new Firsties! I was nervous about switching grade levels this year, because I was pretty comfortable with teaching second grade, but I've just decided I love teaching regardless of grade level!

- my new bulletin board 

My Firsties are out of this world adorable and innocent. 

I've also liked coming up with new materials for first grade. Today we played a new game called Gather the Apples. The students took turns spinning the spinner and gathering apples, if they landed on a worm they had to put their apples back into the pile. At the end of the game, the kiddo with the most apples  won! I loved how much laughter and counting was taking place! It was a success! Once a new game is taught and learned it will go into a station basket. I also do that with any hands on activities we do in class. Stations are such a great way to reinforce learning, and the students love them. You can purchase Gather the Apples, it's part of my Apple Themed Math Center packet. 

Apple Math Centers for Kindergarten & First Grade

I hope everyone has had a great start to their year!!