Taking the Plunge

I am thrilled to begin blogging! Let me introduce myself to you! My name is Jamie Kinsey. I am married to the man of my dreams. We got married 7-17-10. We were blessed with a little boy 11-8-11, His name is Jonah. Now, I have 2 amazing boys in my life. They bring me so much happiness. I am about to begin my 5th year (wow!) of teaching this coming August. Last year was my first year in 2nd grade, and I was gone for a fourth of the year because of my maternity leave. During the year, I discovered many amazing blogs, and they truly helped me have such a successful year. Honestly, last year was absolutely amazing my kiddos were great, but I am not going to tell you it was easy. I had a new baby at home, and I would still consider myself a "newly wed" plus all the demands of being a teacher...it was not easy. So, like I was saying, the blogs I discovered truly TRULY helped me last year. That's when I decided to start saving all the materials I was creating to share with others. One of my strengths is my creativity. I love to CREATE! I spent COUNTLESS hours creating many different funtivities ;) which aligned with the standards for my kiddos. I then set out to make a blog. Once I planned out what my blog would entail, I began.. and today is that day! 

I had the opportunity to participate in some professional development last week. I attended the All-Write conference. I was thrilled to hear Debbie Diller and Ruth Ayres speak! I was in teacher heaven! One of many things I took from this conference was the importance of expressing myself as a writer! So, here I am taking the plunge! I would truly appreciate comments and followers. 

(I am currently working on a Common Core notebook my kiddos will each get!- I am going to be linking a TpT store to my blog where you will be able to download many of my creations...I am new at this so patience is appreciated.)

Have a SUNNY day!

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