Good evening! I am right in the middle of my parent teacher conferences. I love meeting the families and getting to know the children on more of a personal level! I am exhausted though! Just one more to go for the evening...Diet Mt. Dew has definitely been my best friend tonight! Once tomorrow is over...FALL BREAK! I am very excited to spend time with my baby and work on my products for my TpT store.

Diet MTN. DEW to the rescue!!

We just finished our Non-Fiction Unit. The notebook I created was a big success! The students LOVED taking ownership in their notebook. You can grab it for free in my store!
Non-Fiction Text Feature Notebook

Have a fabulous night!


  1. I haven't had conferences this year so far, but I'd really like to meet up with some of my students' parents. Sadly many of mine are not as interested in education as we hope/pray they'd be.

  2. That's the sad reality of our jobs : (. I actually had 16/17 parents show up this year. I was pleased with the turn out! I hope your conferences go well!