Literacy Stations

I am basically in LOVE with literacy stations! : )!!!

We were told by our district we needed to start incorporating small group literacy stations and small group math stations into our curriculum. Many teachers were really stressing out about the change into our everyday schedules, mainly because the demands for us teachers are at times overwhelming, and the thought of adding more into our already crammed schedules is hard to hear! I GET IT.... fortunately for me...I had began literacy & math stations when I started teaching in my own classroom. Small group instruction is one of the most beneficial ways for children to learn, that's why I wanted to make stations a part of my classroom environment. My literacy/math station process took/takes a lot of preparation and planning, but the students LOVE them and they are very beneficial. I just posted some great visual aids for stations in a classroom on my store. Here is one slide-- 
I plan on adding some more station/center ideas in posts to come, but for now I am off to watch ND win this game!


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