Winter Sale- Celebrating my Birthday!

Hey everyone! It's SALE time! I am having a 15% off sale at my store to celebrate my BiRtHdaY! Woo HoO! Head over there for some great deals! XoXo!

Me on the Map

 One of my favorite units I teach is the Me on the Map unit. My kids love it! It's a great way to teach students geography and map skills. It lays it out in a way students understand and retain. Here are some photos from our publishing party we had when we were done with the unit. They took a lot of pride in their finished products. If you are interested in teaching this unit to your kiddos, head over to my store. 

I will be throwing a BIG sale very soon!!

The finished products resemble scrapbooks. They are awesome!

Have a wonderful night!


Follow Me!

Hello! Awhile back, I posted a GIVEAWAY saying the first 30 followers will receive a *FREE* item of their choice from my TpT store! Well, I only have 18 followers (one being myself ha!) SO, the giveaway STILL remains! FOLLOW ME! : ) 

The Holidays

One of the greatest perks about being a teacher and a mommy is that I get to spend time with my amazingly awesome son during my long breaks. I have been really enjoying our time together. Who wouldn't love this little face looking at you all day?? Xoxo! Isn't this picture adorable? I got a new camera (a very fancy one) for Christmas. Maybe I should try the whole photography thing??  I do have a very cute subject : )!

I love the holidays in the classroom. They are so fun. I read the kiddos, "You Are Special" before they left for break. If you haven't read the book, it is definitely a must. I started to cry as I was reading it to them, and I looked up and many of them had tears in their eyes. AH!  I had to have an assistant finish it!  It's such a great story with a great message. Then, I surprised them with their Christmas gifts. I bought them each the book and wrote little messages in the books for them. I also gave them 4 other "Just Right Books" to start or add to their libraries at home. They loved them! Thanks to Scholastic for all the bonus points!! 

I also treated them to the ever so fun gingerbread house making experience! SO MUCH fun- but SUCH a big task! It also didn't help that I had a pounding migraine ha! The kiddos loved it! Hey- my teachers never did anything fun like that for me!? 

I hope you all are having a fun, relaxing, stress free break!