A Lovely First Week in Second!

It was a great first full week in our class! I loved diving into the curriculum and really getting things started. Here's a dorky selfie of me in my classroom- and a little sneak peak into my room:)! I am planning on posting a classroom tour next week! Underneath you'll see the new sign I made for our classroom door which I am in love with! It's super sparkly and cute! Below is the bulletin board I made. It says, "What I like about my classroom is whom I share it with". I think it needs bigger letters but overall I'm pleased with the faces my kiddos made! They are adorable! I hope everyone had a great week, I ended up getting sick and had to leave work early Friday because of a fever and a head cold.... Yuck! Well, back to resting up.... 

And it's begun..

And....we're off! I just began my 6th year teaching last week! It's hard to believe summer is coming to an end and the strong smell of burning leaves has already began....[sigh] I had a very eventful summer. It was mostly a very good summer and parts of it were GREAT, however, I am sad to say that I had some personal problems arise in my life, and my marriage ended. The divorce was finalized a few weeks ago, and I am definitely "okay" with it and I know in my heart it's for the best. 

Therefore, I am now "Ms. Kinsey" rather than "Mrs.". Despite going through a divorce, I am happy and content with the ways things are going in my life. Things are getting easier for us and I definitely believe this is all a part of God's perfect plan that he has in store for me. I feel as though I am able to concentrate on my work and my classroom way better without the distractions of home life interfering with my emotions and work.

 I am very excited for this year and I am more than ready to be the best momma and teacher I can possibly be. I am hoping for a successful year with TpT, and I am feeling very blessed that I began my store when I did because I am depending on it now more than ever before!

I took a break from TpT and blogging for awhile while I straightened my life out, and now I am ready to get back into the swing of things. If you aren't already following me, please do! I am excited to share some of my lessons and ideas as well as freebies every now and then! I pray each one of you has a successful school year whether you are a teacher or a parent! Have a SpaRkliNg Monday!!

*My adorable kiddos*

*Ms. Kinsey*