I LOVE my Class!

I needed to take a minute to do a little bragging :)! I absolutely adore my kiddos this year. I've been very spoiled for the past two years with my classes. I have such a great group of kiddos and I've loved every moment of teaching them. They are just the sweetest little gems!! If you didn't know, I am a huge fan of Hello Kitty! I've loved Hello Kitty for more than ten years and I adore the fact that I am a teacher and can still love Hello Kitty and it's considered, "okay" and not "weird". Anyways, my kiddos always love the fact that Hello Kitty is my favorite and they usually spoil me with fun stuff! It's great! Well, today I received the BEST Hello Kitty gift, EVER from one of my girls. 
 A hand-knit Hello Kitty bracelet! YES, PLEASE : )! I am a huge fan of bracelets, too!
 I am trying this new thing called, "getting organized". So I made some cutesy labels and I am starting to label and organize everything!! If you are interested in my adorable and useful labels, Click Here! They sure seem to be helping me out so far! I hope you are having an enjoyable week and don't forget to smile (tomorrow's Friday!!!) 


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