Workin' Hard! & GiVEAWAY TiME!!

So, I've been a little bit out of the loop on my blog this school year, but that doesn't mean I haven't been working very hard making new and exciting projects for teachers and students! I've also spent some time helping colleagues learn the basics on how to earn some extra money on TpT! It's exciting for me to see some of my coworkers blossom into TpT sellers!

My latest project has me all excited! I'm almost done working on it and I'll be posting it to my store later this evening... 

I've also been thinking about how to get more of a following on here... And I think offering some freebies might be a way to get some more followers! So, my next 10 followers will get to choose any product 5.00 and under from my store for *FREE*!! I will need you to also recommend or make a post about my blog and store on your blog to make it official! I'm really excited about this! So good luck and when you become a follower please leave a comment with  product you would like! Thanks!!

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