You Oughta Know About- GoNoodle!

GoNoodle is an awesome tool that all teachers should be using! It gives kiddos a little dance break opportunity and keeps their brains awake and focused! My students love it!! Best of all it's free!!! 

Check it out at!!!!

Feedback advice...

So, if you are a TpT seller we both know how important feedback is for our success and for our business in general. Last week, I had someone give me negative feedback on my best selling product that has a 4.0 rating with 45 ratings and it made me sick to my stomach.  I am upset because she was complaining about how the product wasn't what she wanted and it didn't cover the standards she was teaching. However, the product was created with specific standards in mind (which are CLEARLY posted on the item description). It was her mistake  she bought my product in the first and it wasn't my mistake at all. She needed to have purchased a product that was geared towards K-1 and not 2nd grade... 

It hurt my feelings. It literally ruined my entire DAY! I am/was upset because it wasn't anything that I should have been penalized for-instead it was her fault for not reading my product description- yet I have to pay for her mistake. 

I need advice on how to handle these circumstances because this did not go over well with me at ALL! Has anyone else experienced this? What did you do? How did you handle it? Can anyone give me some advice?

Currently February

I found out this week that I am going to be going to a Fleetwood Mac concert on Valentine's Day! I AM SO EXCITED! If you know anything about me, you know that I am a music junkie- especially classic rock and Fleetwood Mac will always hold a special place in my <3. Also, the tickets are on the floor which is going to make this experience EVEN better! I can't wait!! 

Here's a picture of the hubby and I going out in the blizzard on Sunday! IT WAS so scary! But, he's the best driver- and we have a Jeep which makes matters better...not PERFECT but better. I want everyone to know that just because we have a Jeep doesn't make us invincible! It's still very terrifying for me to travel in the snow. 
I'm definitely the Queen of Comfort because as soon as I get home from teaching, before I do ANYTHING, I change into yoga pants and big hooded sweatshirts. My hubby says that I am a "yoga pants ninja". I take pride in that! Also, I am all about massages, facials, long baths, fluffy pillows, etc. Basically anything that is comfy you can find me taking part in it! 

Have a wonderful rest of your week!