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I found out this week that I am going to be going to a Fleetwood Mac concert on Valentine's Day! I AM SO EXCITED! If you know anything about me, you know that I am a music junkie- especially classic rock and Fleetwood Mac will always hold a special place in my <3. Also, the tickets are on the floor which is going to make this experience EVEN better! I can't wait!! 

Here's a picture of the hubby and I going out in the blizzard on Sunday! IT WAS so scary! But, he's the best driver- and we have a Jeep which makes matters better...not PERFECT but better. I want everyone to know that just because we have a Jeep doesn't make us invincible! It's still very terrifying for me to travel in the snow. 
I'm definitely the Queen of Comfort because as soon as I get home from teaching, before I do ANYTHING, I change into yoga pants and big hooded sweatshirts. My hubby says that I am a "yoga pants ninja". I take pride in that! Also, I am all about massages, facials, long baths, fluffy pillows, etc. Basically anything that is comfy you can find me taking part in it! 

Have a wonderful rest of your week!


  1. OH MY GOOODNESS!!! Seventeen inches of snow!!! I am soooo jealous!! We have had no actual accumulation this year. Which translates to no snow days! I glad you are safe driving around in Jeep!!! (And more importantly, I'm glad you are comfy!!!)

  2. Oh, wow! It sounds like you've been busy. I'm a music junkie too, and I'm totally mourning the fact that my friend and I cannot go to the Maroon 5 concert week after next. (Big. Crocodile. Tears.) I had a Jeep last year too when Alabama had its Snowpocalypse and that was definitely a major factor how I made it home safely. But you're right...still be careful out there! And BTW, I think "Yoga Pants Ninja" would be an awesome pageant title. Can't you just see that as a new category? I would definitely watch!

  3. Over here in Northern Wisconsin, we have missed all of the blizzards and snow. As I was driving to Wisconsin Dells this weekend, there are even spots with NO snow. I LOVE Fleetwood Mac, I do report cards to them! Love your cute blog!

    Renee at The Science School Yard

  4. You're pegeant name is great, and I like yoga pants ninja too! I love to look stylish, but I want to be comfortable too! A hot stone massage sounds amazing! Hope you get yours soon!

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