I am linking up with  Farley for February's Currently: Here ya go!

I am literally sitting on couch trying to figure out the best way to get as many followers as possible! I am in the process of a blog redesign and I've paid a pretty penny to get an amazing blog design and I do not want it to go to waste! I've done linky parties, started an Instagram for Sparkle in Second, I am going to do a Currently every month, and I am going to start following more blogs myself. If anyone is reading this and has some advice, please let me know! I would be super happy! THANK YOU!

BTW, I just went completely overboard at Target and the Dollar Tree today. It was like Christmas morning!!!! The stuff completely adorable!! I died and went to heaven! Thanks to my super awesome hubs who spoils me rotten especially when it comes to my classroom...

Also big news for me... I've been completely blonde forever and yesterday I went partially brunette and I am loving it!!!

I think that's all for now!

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