I absolutely ADORE Valentine's Day! My mom always made Valentine's Day so special for me as a kiddo and to this day I've always loved Valentine's Day! I love spoiling my husband, kiddos, and students on the day all about LOVE. I think I almost love vday as much as I love Christmas! I love it SO much that I made a VDAY freebie for all of you! 

My kiddos are all about coloring, and to be honest- SO AM I! I even have adult coloring books at home. I love sitting down with my art stuff and coloring. So, naturally I came up with spelling tests that are also coloring pages! My student's love all of the different templates, they have also been doing great on their tests! I think the coloring helps ease the stress kiddos sometimes have when taking tests!

Here is a Valentine's freebie for you to use this week and next! 

You should totally check out the entire packet! It has changed my way of giving spelling tests!!!


I hope you are having a LOVELY February!

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