Fabulously Loving First

I've absolutely loved getting to know my new Firsties! I was nervous about switching grade levels this year, because I was pretty comfortable with teaching second grade, but I've just decided I love teaching regardless of grade level!

- my new bulletin board 

My Firsties are out of this world adorable and innocent. 

I've also liked coming up with new materials for first grade. Today we played a new game called Gather the Apples. The students took turns spinning the spinner and gathering apples, if they landed on a worm they had to put their apples back into the pile. At the end of the game, the kiddo with the most apples  won! I loved how much laughter and counting was taking place! It was a success! Once a new game is taught and learned it will go into a station basket. I also do that with any hands on activities we do in class. Stations are such a great way to reinforce learning, and the students love them. You can purchase Gather the Apples, it's part of my Apple Themed Math Center packet. 

Apple Math Centers for Kindergarten & First Grade

I hope everyone has had a great start to their year!! 


  1. OK... who doesn't like apples? Thanks for sharing your game ideas. Have a wonderful school year.

    Best wishes
    Jen :)

    1. Thanks, Jen! My kiddos LOVE these games! They beg to play them!! It's super cute!! Have a great year, too friend!!

  2. Ohh wow! lovely post. I'm truly cheerful to have gone by this site.Thanks for sharing the game ideas.