Fairy Tales, Freebies, Followers, oh and a little rant =)

Hi guys! So today I started brainstorming some ways as to how I could gain some more followers on my TpT store. I just feel like I've hit a wall or something. I've been feeling really defeated by the fact that I  put in so much time, energy, and love into my products and I am not seeing the turnaround that I would have thought would be happening. So, I decided to do a fun giveaway for the month of February!! Below is the advertisement I created to help promote my giveaway for February. Basically, all one has to do is follow me on Teachers Pay Teachers and at the end of February all my TpT followers will be sent a link via TpT messages. The link will allow my followers to enter the contest. One must be following me on TpT to receive the special link =)! Then, I will announce the winners through my social media platforms. I am excited to get some more followers and traffic to my store! I am hoping some of my fellow TpT friends will support me in this effort by sharing the advertisement I created!! (*wink, wink*)
<Click and follow me!

I've also been SUPER busy creating a fun fairy tales unit! We are learning about fairy tales in first grade, and what better way to teach fairy tales than to teach them with craftivities?!? YAY!! I can't wait to post photos of the kiddos completing these adorable little crafts and learning activities that go along with some of my favorite fairy tales! Check out the unit here:

Also, in the middle of what *might* seem like crazy times in our world, remember our kiddos are looking to US everyday as their role models. - please remember to be kind, calm, and composed. I know it's easy to be depressed, angry, grouchy, etc. STOP. We are teachers. We are everything and more to a lot of our students. Our kiddos have enough stuff to worry about, don't let them see you off your game. 
End of rant.
Love to you all.


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