Hundreds Day Fun!

Hundreds Day was an amazing day filled with learning activities and fun! It felt like I was working in a nursing home haha!  My kiddos dressed up as old 100 year olds! They brought in walkers and canes and played the part all day. I dressed up as a crazy old cat lady and matched one of my students.
Here's what the day included:
*Dressing up as 100 year olds (almost all students participated)
*Writing 100 words
*Writing 100 reasons why we love first grade
*100 item mystery bags with clues (we tried to figure out what was in the bags)
*Building a structure using 100 blocks
*Counting to 100 several different ways using Bingo dabbers and creating gum ball machines
*Counting and sorting snacks to make 100 day snack mix
*100 day crowns- adding 100 stickers
*100 chart number puzzles

The kiddos were split up into partners and they visited each station. SO much fun! It was one of my favorite days yet! <3

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  1. Hundreds day fun is one the events no one would wish to miss. In many years i have not ever experienced so much fun in one event the way i did on this one. Kudos to all who came through!